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    FFp Motorsport … Everything started in 1996 when two pals (Iisak & Vesku) were going to take part in Hot Rod Show in Turku. When they called the organizers and told that they were coming, the other end asked what would be the name of the exhibitor? After a short moment of panic, the answer was ”Banana and Plum”, because the other car was yellow, and the other was violet. After the phone call they decided to start a small group, so the next time they would have a name… And few days later the original ”Fast Fruit’s performance” stickers were made.

    ..during the years more people have joined the group and the name has been changed to ”FFp Motorsport”, where FFp stands for the original Fast Fruit’s performance. Today FFp Motorsport has members all around the country and despite of being an invite only group it is definitely the best known Volkswagen/Audi/Seat club in Finland.

    At the end of the year 1999 FFp Motorsport registered as an registered association (Rekisteröity Yhdistys). By Finnish law this means that we can act like a firm, but all profits must be used for club activities, and can not be given to the members. The official name of the association is ffp ry, but we also use the name FFp Motorsport.


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    ffp ry is always seeking for new Finnish and foreign sponsors. Money is used for shows, club activities and to pay for the server usage of this webpage. If you would like to advertise on this site, at shows and happenings on our stands, or have any other suggestions to us, please contact Jarkko.