Lambda sensor (O2 sensor)

Lambda sensor is located in the exhaust pipe. It determines how much oxygen is in the exhaust gasses, and then gives current between 0 and 1 volt. 0 volt means that there is lots of oxygen in the gasses, and 1 volt means that there isn't.

Lambda sensor works only when hot. There are two kinds of sensors on the markets, the cold ones, which warm up slowly with the help of the exhaust gasses, and the pre-heated ones that use power to heat the sensor so it starts working quicker.

There are many lambda sensor manufacturers, but like Jyrki Repo once said, it's better to get old and used Bosch sensor than brand-new Chinese one...:)

1. Sensor housing
2. Protective ceramic tube
3. Connection cable(s)
4. Protective tube with slots
5. Active sensor ceramic 6. Contact element
7. Protective sleeve
8. Heater
9. Clamp terminals for heater

In the picture the closer sensor is unheated
and the one behind it is heated.

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