Multi-function Indicator (MFI) test mode

mk2 GTI & G60, Passat, Corrado, etc..

Check mode test verifies MFI is operating with the correct base vehicle information.
  1. Set mode memory switch to position 1
  2. Switch ignition ON
  3. Press and hold mode select button
  4. Switch ignition OFF, then back ON
  5. Release mode select button (Engine MAP code is displayed)
  6. Press and release mode select button to advance to next mode...

Up to 1990 the readouts should be something like this:

FunctionTimes mode pressedMode indicatedValue displayed
Engine map code0-Three digit number
Country code1clockOne digit number
Speedo drive ratio2mpg / l/100kmThree digit number
Upper rpm limit3miles or kmFour digit number
Lower prm limit4mph or km/hfour digit number
Decelleration fuel shut-off pressure5mbarTwo digit number
Segment test6-All segments selected

1993 and after readouts:
FunctionTimes mode pressedValue displayed
Distance pulse nbr13735 (All countries except USA & GB)
Country code23 = USA, 2 = GB, 1 = other countries
Speedometer3Used for production info only..
No. of cylinders4One digit number
Segment test5All LCD segments selected
Pulse to speed sensor64 pulses counter per 1 wheel rev.
Engine speed7rpm
Program version8Used for production info only..

If this doesn't work on your Corrado VR6, try the same with the trip/odometer reset button. That's known to work on some SLC's..

If the results are odd, and your driving computer doesn't work, it can be reseted just by disconnecting the battery.

Oh, and you can also get to the measuring mode test by setting the mode memory switch to position 2 instead or 1.

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