Golf mk2 16V distributor seal replacement

The distributor's seal can be replaced. Volkswagen doesn't sell replacement seals, but one can get suitable seal from elsewhere. The original seal's size is 12,5x19x5 but aftermarket seal 12x19x5 works fine. When buying the seal, remember to mention that it has to handle oil. 

Before removing the distributor, remember to mark it's position. this will make it a lot easier to reset the timing, once everything is put back together. Be careful not to bend the distributor shaft during the repair.

When you remove the distributor body from the head, oil pours out of the hole and down the side of the block, so be prepared for this. Just take some towels or rags and shove them in the hole to prevent more oil from coming out.

Use vise to support the distributor while you are driving the pin out. Do not clamp the shaft in the vise, it will immediately be reduced to trash. You will probably need a second person to hold the distributor while you work with it. Remove the spring clip from the end of the shaft. Use a small punch to drive the pin out of the shaft. After the pin is out, you can remove the shaft from the distributor body. Be careful to keep track of how things came apart.

Very carefully pry the sheetmetal cover off of the seal. Be careful not to bend or mangle the cover. It is very soft, and you will need it after you put the new seal in. Carefully pry the seal out. Now you are ready to put everything back together.

Next, grease up the new seal, and use the back of a small socket to press it into place. Make sure the seal fits in nicely. If the distributor shaft has any burns on it, use some fine steel wool to smooth it down.

Now press the sheetmetal back into place, taking care to align the serrations. Grease up the shaft, and slide it back through the distributor body. Now you press the pin back into the shaft. This will take some patience, but take your time with it, and be careful not to score or nick anything. snap the spring clip back into place, and you are ready to bolt the distributor back onto the head.

A quick note about the distributor. The head is aluminum, so be very careful when torquing the two bolts that hold the distributor to the head.

Set your timing, and you are ready to roll!

Originally written by Andrew M. Traenkner 1998
Some editing by Tuomas Kuisma 2000

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